Operation Green Card (Bluewater Bay #21) – G.B. Gordon


“What was the protocol on fucking your platonic fiancé of convenience?”


In a word: Read the thing. This is pretty much a standard ‘I accidentally fell in love with the man I married for convenience’ story, and I loved every second of it. We’re once again in Bluewater Bay following Jason, a veteran who works security on the set of the still popular Wolf’s Landing. He’s a loner with self-esteem issues, though a good guy at heart. He’s also in need of money, which is how the show’s stunt coordinator convinces him to marry her brother so that he can escape the homophobic hellscape of Russia and become a US resident. Arkady needs to leave Russia if he wants any chance of love or a family of his own… or just to keep living. Marrying a US citizen to obtain a green card is his best chance of getting out. Both of them are expecting to just get a quick marriage and then go their separate ways once Arkady is a legal citizen. Neither of them are expecting to grow as close as they do, especially Jason, who doesn’t have his bisexual realization until after he’s started sleeping with Arkady (oops). One annoying part of the story is that most of the angst and back-and-forth between Jason and Arkady could be solved easily with them just talking to each other. But, of course, they don’t and just continue dancing around each other and unintentionally hurting each other until they wise up and finally admit to themselves and each other what they really want. This book isn’t very long (not even 200 pages), so we don’t have to read about these guys torturing themselves for too long at least. There are some other things happening in the story at large: Arkady’s citizenship, Jason’s relationship with his daughter, and Jason’s dead-end job. But most of the focus is on Arkady and Jason’s relationship and how they come to truly love each other in a short amount of time. It’s a sweet story.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) Arkady Izmaylov is a family man. He’s also gay. In Russia. His sister Natalya has been telling him to get out for years, but it’s only after an attack in the street that he finally concedes and says yes to her desperate plan of him marrying a stranger for a green card.

Jason Cooley was taught from birth that he’s no good to anyone. Then the military taught him he was good enough to save other lives, but that purpose got amputated along with his leg. He’s now working security at Wolf’s Landing and sending monthly checks to his ex for their daughter’s education. When Natalya asks him to marry her brother, Jason knows right away he’ll do it more for the mission than the money she’s offering. But when he actually meets Arkady, his mission turns complicated.

Jason quickly discovers he’s not as straight as he thought. He’s also the man of Arkady’s dreams. Arkady must convince Jason that he’s worth loving, and that Arkady won’t disappear from his life like everyone else. Because Arkady has always wanted a family of his own, and he’s not letting go of this one.


[this title is currently out of print]



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The Surgeon’s Instant Family (Asphalt Bay/Venetian Hills) – Ezra Dawn


Holy shit… the sexy doctor is my mate. My alpha.


In a word: Maybe read the thing. This was, uh, something. I will say this, it wasn’t completely awful. Bruno and Idris as romantic leads left a lot to be desired, but I did like them both. They both seem like good guys, and they’re both dedicated to Bruno’s three children. They’re also fated mates, which almost came off like they didn’t really need to put any effort into their relationship. I can’t even really remember if they ever even exchanged any ‘I love you’s. And they got mated and married during the story. It’s clear that they both cared for each other and wanted to be together, but it almost felt they were just going through the motions. Like, they’re fated mates so of course they’re gonna be together. They tried to slow things down a bit by having Bruno wanting to make sure everything would be okay with his kids first, but that really didn’t last too long. It wasn’t all that romantic in the end. Also the conflict with Bruno’s ex-wife was pretty ridiculous and the way it ended was insane. Some of the slice of life stuff with Bruno caring for his kids was nice, but even those scenes were let down by the writing. The writing in this is bad. Aside from the bland romantic development, there was also way too many commas (and I’m not entirely sure they were even being used correctly most of the time), and there was a lot of focus on the minutia of some activities so a lot of the story felt like filler. This book is fairly short, but the way it was written with all the filler made it feel like it was dragging. The basic plot is intriguing, and the relationship between Bruno and his boys was cute, but this is really one you’re gonna have to turn your brain off for.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) (This is an Asphalt Bay/Venetian Hills spin-off story. Since this book isn’t an integral part of either series, it can be read as a standalone. If you’d like to get to know some of the characters mentioned in this story, then you’ll want to read the Asphalt Bay and Venetian Hills books. Reading order for those can be found inside this book)

Bruno Marrz -no not the singer- is a wolf shifter and single father to three boys. After separating from his cheating ex-wife and gaining custody, Bruno took his three boys and moved cross country, returning to the pack he was born in. Bruno does his best, but he’s struggling to make ends meet and now, a year after leaving, his ex-wife wants custody of their boys. Unsure if he can afford to fight, Bruno seeks the help of the pack’s lawyer.

Idris Vaughn is the top trauma surgeon at Venetian Hills Medical and a dragon shifter originally from Wales. He’s also the youngest surgeon to reach his level. Idris has a big house and lots of money, but those things don’t keep him warm at night. Idris longs for the love of a fated mate and the joy of a family but, he hasn’t had any luck finding the one person destined to be his.

Neither man expected to meet their fated mate at the scene of an accident, but that’s what happens. Between the custody battle, navigating a new relationship, and trying to figure out Bruno’s ex-wife’s motives, these two men will have their work cut out for them when it comes to their happily ever after. Can they achieve it, or will they fail?

(Warning: Contains sexual content, Mpreg elements, and explicit language. Not recommended for those under the age of 18.)


[available for purchase at Amazon.ca, Book Depository, Chapters, and Barnes & Noble]



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Monthly Round-Up: December 2019

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Unexpected (Unconditional Love #1) – M.A. Innes


“How was I supposed to stay away from perfection like that?”


In a word: Read the thing. (Though if you aren’t a fan of age play of any sort, this book isn’t going to change anything for you.) This book reads quite similar to this author’s other age play books, where one inexperienced man, who has been hiding and/or repressing his desires since basically forever, learns how to embrace them with the help of a (usually older) experienced man and then they fall in love and have a HEA. Ryland is this story’s young, sweet submissive who wants to leave the adult world behind sometimes and just relax with more childish activities, but won’t because he thinks other people will find it weird and off-putting. Holden is Ryland’s older, stable daddy dom neighbour who takes a liking to Ryland and wants to show him just how relaxing (and sometimes sexy) being his ‘little’ boy can be. It’s a sweet story with a sub learning how to fully explore his desires with the perfect dom to help him along. The writing here can be a bit boring at times, but the story and romance are sweet and low-drama. Ryland spends a lot of the book being anxious about his desires and how the people around him will react to them, but Holden is always there to reassure him and show him just how rewarding exploring those desires are. It was nice. It was also very sexual, which isn’t something I particularly look for when it comes to age play, but it doesn’t necessarily put me off it either. Ryland and Holden’s relationship is what really makes the story appealing, and their interactions are great to read. Another great part of the story is Ryland’s relationship with his best friend Finn, who would probably be more annoying if Ryland was a different kind of person. As it is, Finn is a pretty great friend, and also pretty funny at times. So this is a pretty good book if you’re into age play romances with no angst or drama.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) A M/m Age Play Romance

Ryland was perfectly happy with his head buried in the sand.

Ryland was convinced that there had to be something better than racing toward adulthood. He just wasn’t sure what it was. Between the decisions about college majors and careers, and never-ending responsibilities, all he wanted to do was let it all go and just unwind. Unfortunately, everyone else’s idea of fun was more stressful than relaxing.

Holden never expected to find the sub of his dreams at the grocery store.

Overhearing the voice on the next aisle talking about how much fun baby biscuits and kiddie snacks were was the last thing Holden expected to happen at the grocery store. But it was music to his ears. Except, the sexy voice didn’t seem to understand what his preferences might actually mean.

As Ryland discovers that growing older doesn’t have to mean growing up, Holden wants to be the Daddy who gets to show him how perfect being little can be.

65K Words
Story Contains: M/m Sexual Content, BDSM elements, Spankings, Age Play, Mild ABDL


[available for purchase at Amazon.ca]



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Add Love and Mix – Sean Michael


“You’re a dad. This little girl’s been abused. It’s Christmas. I’m in shock.”


In a word: Maybe read the thing. Given that this book is basically about two men in love taking care of a child and becoming a family, I feel like I really should’ve liked it more than I did. I think my main issue with it is that it got a bit down in parts in ways that made me uncomfortable. Jase and Scott have been together for six years. They both have high-stress, high-energy jobs that they love and they’re both thriving in this life cycle of work-sex-sleep-repeat. Then one Christmas Eve, Jase’s ex shows up at work and dumps her child on Jase – a child she’d had by Jase and had never told him about – before leaving again. Jase and Scott immediately jump into action to reassure the child – Jase’s daughter Kerry – and scramble to give her a somewhat decent Christmas while they’re stuck at work. And then things never really calm down in that department after that. Jase and Scott go immediately from putting themselves and each other first to having to prioritize Kerry over everything. It’s a steep learning curve and they both deal with it as best they can, but Scott especially seems to be having trouble with the whole thing. The thing I didn’t like most about the story is Scott and how all that was dealt with. Because while a large part of the story is taking care of Kerry, bantering, and (so many) sex scenes, there was also a lot of Scott seeming to slip into a sort of numb depression and very little was being done about it. Like, Scott wasn’t bringing anything up, and Jase was noticing something but also not really bringing it up, and I spent a lot of the story waiting for the other shoe to drop. And it didn’t, surprisingly, but it still made me uncomfortable and on-edge reading it. Aside from that aspect, though, everything else was fine if you like some mostly slice-of-life family living.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) Firefighter Jason “Jase” Weller and EMT Scott Bronson are living the perfect life. They work together in jobs they love, they live together, and in their downtime, they still can’t get enough of each other. It’s been six amazing years. Then on Christmas Eve, Jase’s former lover Elsa shows up with a six-year-old girl in tow. The strung-out junkie claims Kerry is Jase’s daughter and it’s his turn to care for her, and then she walks out.

Shocked at both the fact that Elsa is now a junkie and that he has a daughter he never knew about, Jase nonetheless steps up to the plate as her father and Scott offers his full support. Having an instant family comes with plenty of challenges, and the two men work to deal with sweeping changes in their lives and to make things right for Kerry.

It’s not going to be easy, and their new circumstances test them and their relationship like nothing ever has. They’ll need all the love they have for each other, and the love they discover for their daughter, to keep from breaking apart.


[available for purchase at Dreamspinner Press, Amazon.ca, and Chapters]



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QR: In Case of Emergency – Keira Andrews


“They hadn’t seen each other in ten years, yet here they were. Life could be incredibly bizarre.”


In a word: Read the thing.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) Former stepbrothers find Christmas romance under the tree.

After years alone, Daniel Diaz is finally ready to shake up his orderly, solitary life. He’s about to leave for a cozy Christmas getaway with his new man when he gets the call from the ER that his former stepbrother has been admitted with a concussion and a broken hand—and Cole put him down as his emergency contact. Why the hell would he do that? Daniel barely knows the guy. After all, their parents’ marriage lasted less than a year and it was a decade ago!

But Cole has no one else to look after him and strict doctor’s orders not to be left alone. So fine, Daniel will bring him along on vacation to make sure he doesn’t starve or fall into a coma. This is supposed to be Daniel’s chance to explore romance again after locking down his feelings for too long—except it turns out his could-be boyfriend is more interested in partying and being an obnoxious jerk. Daniel sends him packing, and now he’s stuck with a virtual stranger in an isolated mountain cabin.

Cole Smith crushed hard on cranky Daniel when they were teenagers. Alone with him in a romantic winter wonderland, those feelings roar back to life. Glimpsing the caring, vulnerable man under Daniel’s frosty shell, he yearns to get closer. Christmas is a time for surprises, and Daniel and Cole discover a scorching connection that just might melt their hearts.

This fluffy gay Christmas romance from Keira Andrews features former stepbrothers reconnecting as adults, sexy hot-tub shenanigans, cuddling by the fire, and of course a happy ending. 32,000 words.


[available for purchase at Amazon.ca. Also available in the Gay Holiday Romance Collection x x]

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QR: Santa Daddy – Keira Andrews


Mall Santas weren’t supposed to be hot.”


In a word: Read the thing.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) Mall Santas aren’t supposed to be hot

Hunter Adams is hopelessly adrift after college. He’s still a virgin, can’t find a real job, and has no clue what to do with his life. In desperation, he returns to his humiliating old job as an elf at the Santa’s Village in his hometown’s dying mall. The Santa on the job is an unexpectedly sexy lumberjack, twice Hunter’s size and age. He makes Hunter feel very naughty—too bad he’s grumpy and intimidating.

Years after the tragic death of his partner, Nick Spini has his beagle and long, hard days on his Christmas tree farm. That’s plenty. But he can’t refuse a loyal friend’s plea for help and finds himself filling in as Santa at the local mall. Despite Nick’s attempt to stay aloof, the beautiful, anxious young man playing elf brings out his long-dormant daddy instincts.

When a surprise blizzard traps them alone in Nick’s isolated forest home, their attraction burns even brighter. Will they surrender to the sizzling connection between them and find the release and comfort they crave?

Santa Daddy is a holiday gay romance from Keira Andrews featuring an age gap, steamy m/m first times, daddy role-playing and light spanking, Christmas romance feels, and of course a happy ending.


[available for purchase at Amazon.ca. Also available in the Gay Holiday Romance Collection x x]

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