Earlier this year, I was recommended a book called Fin & Matt on Amazon. It turned out to be an M/M romance/erotica novel. I’m a longtime reader of fanfiction (mostly M/M), but I’d never thought to check out any published novels. I figured it was high time that I gave it a try (also I kept seeing ads for Seven Tears At High Tide which was written by an author whose fanfiction I enjoy reading). So I ordered both books.

And thus began my adventures into the world of published M/M fiction. I know practically nothing about common tropes and popular authors (frankly I’m new to romance novels in general, I was never able to get into them before), I jumped into this genre mostly blind and it’s been quite the ride.

Since I don’t have anyone to talk to about this new world I discovered (also I’m pretty sure no one wants me talking about dick on my Facebook) I decided to start a blog documenting my foray into published gay smut (which somehow manages to be a lot less weird than what I come across in fanfiction). I won’t say I’m reviewing these books, mostly just rambling about things that caught my eye. Hopefully someone’ll find it entertaining though.

The first posts will be about book I’ve already read and that I’ve read for a second time to refresh my memory about talking points, but after that I’ll be talking about books after I’ve read them for the first time.

Anyway, I hope some of you will get some enjoyment from this.



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