Monthly Round-Up: December 2017

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Summary of Dreamspinner Press 2017 Advent Calendar under the cut.

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

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Monthly Round-Up: November 2017

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An Announcement


Just a note to say that there won’t be any regular posts for the month of December.

I purchased Dreamspinner Press’ 2017 Advent Calendar. That means I’ll get a brand new story every day for the month of December, that’s 31 new stories.

My plan is to read each story as they come out and then post a review either that day or the day after. In order to get these reviews out on time, I’ve decided to write them in a Quick Review format. Quick Reviews will be shorter and less structured than normal reviews, which will hopefully make it easier to get them out quicker.

I just posted a Quick Review for the audiobook version of Dom of Las Vegas, just to see how I’d do it. With luck I’ll be able to crank out one of these every day for December.

Monthly Round-Up: September 2017

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Monthly Round-Up: August 2017

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Monthly Round-Up: July 2017

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