Monthly Round-Up: June – July – August, 2016

A monthly summary of the books I’ve written about in the blog.

I’m gonna start doing this every month, this should be the only one with more than one month’s worth of posts.


Read the Thing (3):

Maybe Read the Thing (2):



Read the Thing (3):

Don’t Read the Thing (1):



Read the Thing (4):

Maybe Read the Thing (1):


All the Wrong Places (Bluewater Bay #14) – Ann Gallagher


“I don’t know. I have no idea what’s going on. Or why everything feels different when we’re together.”


In a word: Read the thing! I was so excited to read this when I first heard of it and OMG it did not disappoint! I so recommend this! The main couple is adorable and it’s so easy to root for them and their relationship. There’s a child character and he’s pretty fun without coming off as too precious or annoying. This isn’t a sexy book, the main couple are both asexual so their relationship doesn’t focus on the sexual aspect, but reading about the two of them getting together and deciding that they might just be more than friends was a joy to read. It was adorable, seriously. There’s some angst in there as well, but it’s done well and the author doesn’t go overboard with it and it all gets resolved without being dragged out. I seriously could not put this book down while I was reading it, it was that good. Read it.

[available for purchase at Riptide Publishing, Book Depository, Chapters, and]

(I know in my first post I said that I would be talking about book I’ve already read at first, but I was too excited for this one when I heard about it so I decided to break that rule. The next post will be about a book I’ve already read.)



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