Monthly Round-Up: June – July – August, 2016

A monthly summary of the books I’ve written about in the blog.

I’m gonna start doing this every month, this should be the only one with more than one month’s worth of posts.


Read the Thing (3):

Maybe Read the Thing (2):



Read the Thing (3):

Don’t Read the Thing (1):



Read the Thing (4):

Maybe Read the Thing (1):


Always Been You – Jess Buffett


Eleven years ago, Seth ran from Jared, neither of them ready for this or for each other.


In a word: Maybe read the thing. I did like this book when I first read it months ago, but I didn’t much enjoy reading it for a second time. Not that it’s a bad book or anything, it’s entertaining and I did enjoy it for the most part, but it’s not really something I’ll be reading again. It’s got a great premise: two men who were torn apart by misunderstandings finally coming together years later and sorting themselves out. The angst and pining were amazing (if that’s the kind of stuff you like to read) and the heartbreak was real and you hurt for these two boys that you just met. So it started out strong, but kinda started falling apart once it came time for the reunion. Personally, I thought things moved way too fast on that front, considering everything, and I didn’t really get invested in their romance as adults (I was more invested in the hinted romantic interest between two side characters). On top of that, I wasn’t a huge fan of the writing. There were typos, weird word choices, and clunky dialogue and narrative. It’s good for a quick read, but I found that it didn’t hold up on a second read-through.

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