Meeting the Wolf (The Sheriff and the Shifter #3) – Dessa Lux


“He wanted somebody to take care of, somebody who wanted more than a night or two being pushed around. He wanted something real.”


In a word: Read the thing. This is the end of The Sheriff and the Shifter and, while I liked this part and the series as a whole (though maybe not so much Part 1), I can say that this wasn’t really my thing. It wasn’t so much about the daddy kink (I’m not usually a fan of that anyway, though the comforting/caring aspects of some of the scenes were definitely something I could get behind), it was more that this was mostly a series of much porn, little plot. Part 3 opens not long after Part 2 ends (maybe a few days later?) with Sheriff Ray Prescott heading over to his werewolf lover (they aren’t exactly boyfriends) Tom London’s home for the first time. They seem to be growing serious about their relationship and Tom has agreed to show Ray his shifted wolf form. The first bit of this book is about Ray seeing Tom in his wolf form and them interacting together. After they have A Moment, though, the rest of the book is just one very long sex scene. I was expecting the sex scene, but I also expected a bit more plot and relationship development. It’s clear that Ray and Tom are close now, and they both seem interested in having a serious relationship with each other, but there wasn’t much focus on that. There was more time devoted to the sex than I’d like; it really started to run long after a while. And then when the scene was over I was expecting another epilogue sort of scene to tie everything together, but it just ends abruptly. So while this part (and every other part, really) dropped background info and possible plot hints throughout, the main focus was obviously on the sex/kink. So anyone who enjoys reading basically porn with very minimal plot will enjoy this series. I was more interested in the hints of plot we got and how Ray and Tom’s relationship would play out outside of bed. Also I’m still much disappointed by the ending.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) Sheriff Ray Prescott has a date for his day off–he and twenty-year-old Tom London are turning their chance encounters into a real relationship, and since Tom is a shifter, that means Ray finally gets to meet his other side: the wolf. Ray’s determined to make this relationship something real, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop treating Tom the same; he still needs the dominant sheriff to take good care of him, and Ray is up to the challenge.


“You’re a little bit of a mess, baby,” Ray observed, brushing at a wet smear of dirt streaking Tom’s hip.

Tom looked over his shoulder and said, with obvious daring, “Whose fault is that, Daddy?”

Ray laughed and tugged Tom into a kiss right there in the middle of the driveway. “Mine, baby, a hundred percent. Guess that means it’s my job to wash you up, doesn’t it?”

Tom’s eyes widened slightly and he was straight back to his usual shyness as he said, “If you want to, Daddy.”

“Oh, sweetheart,” Ray said, and kissed him again, just a light press of lips on his soft pink mouth. “It would be my very great pleasure. Come on.”


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You Get What You Need (The Sheriff and the Shifter #2) – Dessa Lux


“He did need to be under somebody’s authority, at least once in a while.”


In a word: Read the thing. I thought this was an improvement on Part 1. Though I’m sure that’s still down to personal taste over anything else. I didn’t think that Part 1 (The Sheriff and the Shifter) gave enough set-up and background information before jumping right into the intense kinky one-night-stand (with the promise of more) between two near-strangers. This part continues the story of Sheriff Ray Prescott and orphaned shifter (who turns out is a werewolf) Tom London and picks up immediately where Part 1 left off. This part has Tom going back to the private sex club (that’s definitely what it is) to find Ray for another night together. We still don’t really get much on why Ray approached Tom in the first place, but at least with this next night together we get what happened in Part 1 as enough set-up. We’re in Tom’s point of view this time, so we get a bit of background on him and his situation. I’m actually really curious about Tom’s story; we get enough to be intrigued by his situation, but not enough for anything close to a full picture. I’m not sure how much we’ll actually learn about him, but I’m interested to find out. We don’t learn anything else about Ray, but he seems nice and he treats Tom well, so that’s alright. This part seems like it goes a lot deeper into the daddy kink than the first part, probably because it’s in Tom’s point of view and he mostly only refers to Ray as ‘Daddy’ for most of it. This part had quite a bit of sexual content in it (also: multiple orgasms, that’s apparently a thing for male shifters), but there was also a lot of tender stuff and feelings. Ray and Tom haven’t really mentioned anything about romance, but they do both express a desire to further their relationship. This was sweet, and I enjoyed how Ray took care of Tom and was affectionate with him, even though I still feel like I could do with a bit more relationship set up.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) Tom London is a twenty-year-old orphan, the only survivor of his family. Since he’s also a werewolf, and his family was his pack, that makes him an alpha by default, leader of pack of one. He just spent a night with Sheriff Ray Prescott, who is perfectly human but strong and dominant enough to make Tom feel like he’s not alone anymore.

What happens after a single night? Now that he knows what he needs (and who he needs it from), will Tom be able to ask for it again?


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The Sheriff and the Shifter (The Sheriff and the Shifter #1) – Dessa Lux


“Whether it was the animal in him or the human or all of him together, he was doing his best to show his throat to Ray.”


In a word: Maybe read the thing. One major thing that made this one a ‘maybe’ read for me is that it’s very short and jumps straight into a long sex scene without properly establishing the characters. Porn without plot isn’t usually my thing, especially when there’s little to no set up beforehand. Sheriff Ray Prescott comes across Tom London and his broken-down car on the side of the road one night, and then immediately takes him to a private sex club (? Or something) where they spend a while having kinky sex. Eventually we do learn that Ray and Tom have met before, somewhat, but that they don’t actually know each other all that well. Really I think their only previous contact was when Ray would visit Tom in the hospital, where he was laid up for a while after the death of his entire family. Ray also seems to know that Tom is some sort of shapeshifter, but it doesn’t really go much into how he knows. It also doesn’t go into much about the shape shifting at all, we don’t even know what Tom can even shift into. Another thing that put me off this story a bit is the whole situation. Ray is over 40, Tom is 20; normally I probably wouldn’t bat an eye much over that, but in this story Ray seems to find Tom in a vulnerable moment (totally alone and stranded in the rain) and the whole thing has an air of Tom being taken advantage of? I probably wouldn’t feel this way if there was more set up into their relationship, but Ray literally picks Tom up off the side of the road and brings him to a sex club. The sex is centered very much around some daddy kink role playing, adding that to the age difference and Tom’s vulnerability and how fast everything moved made me a bit uncomfortable. There’s some hope that we’ll get some relationship development going forward, which I hope happens because that’s really more my thing. If you’re just looking for a quick smutty read with some kink in it, though, you’ll enjoy this one.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) Sheriff Ray Prescott was looking forward to a quiet drink at the end of his shift, but then he spotted Tom London, caught on the side of the road in the rain when his car broke down. Twenty-year-old Tom isn’t just an orphan. He’s the last survivor of a family of shapeshifters who used to be a big help to the sheriff in keeping order in their small town. Now it’s young Tom who needs some help, and the sheriff is more than happy to give him a ride — and some TLC once they’re in private.


“Did you want to call me something else?”

Tom bit down on his lower lip again, and Ray brushed his thumb gently over the pulse point at the back of his jaw, waiting to see what he would ask for.

“Daddy?” Tom whispered, in a tiny voice. “Please?”

Ray smiled, and then had to curl down to kiss Tom’s forehead, and then his softly opened mouth when he tilted up for a real kiss.

“Of course, baby,” Ray murmured. “As long as that means that you know you’re safe with me, and that I’ll take good care of you. You know that, don’t you?”


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Omega Required – Dessa Lux


“I’d like to meet someone, get to know them, get to know their life, their family. Fall in love. That kind of thing.”


In a word: Read the thing. Much healing and hurt/comfort here. Totally my jam. Beau is an alpha werewolf who needs a spouse in order to start his residency in a hospital that treats humans. Roland is an omega werewolf with a traumatic past who is slowly dying. A marriage of convenience turns out to be a solution to both those problems. This whole book is a very slow story about Beau and Roland accidentally falling in love with each other while also learning to let people into their worlds. They’ve both been traumatized – in different ways – so it’s difficult for them to get close to people, but they eventually manage it. Their union is meant to be temporary, but they eventually come to find that they’re both actually very fond of each other, and they become someone the other can rely on for safety and comfort and support. That eventually transforms to love, and it’s great to watch it happen in real time. Next to the romance (and ALL the hurt/comfort), the really great thing about this story is the worldbuilding and the focus on fleshing out werewolf culture. Beau and Roland being werewolves actually means something in this universe, it’s something very ingrained in the story and in who they are as people. It affects all aspects of their lives, especially when there are humans around. I don’t think it’s something I’ve really seen before (outside of fanfiction, I guess) so it was a really nice surprise and took everything to a whole other level. This story is kind of a slow burn, and mostly character-driven (not a lot of plot here), but it really is very good. There are a few things that I feel didn’t really get properly tied up by the end, but on the whole I really enjoyed the read and I hope that the author eventually comes back to these characters and this universe.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) An alpha werewolf chasing his dream meets an omega fighting for his life in a strictly temporary marriage of convenience…

Alpha werewolf Beau Jeffries has been going it alone ever since he was cast out of his pack as a teenager for trying to help a human and endangering the pack’s secrets during the tumultuous years when the wider world was learning the truth about werewolves. He hasn’t lost his drive to help others, and he’s about to begin a prestigious medical residency–only to learn that, as the first werewolf the program has knowingly accepted, he’ll have to follow special rules, including the one that requires him to be married when he begins his residency.

Omega werewolf Roland Lea is just trying to survive. After escaping the last and worst in a string of abusive relationships that left him scarred and unable to conceive, he’s found safety in a refuge for homeless omegas. But despite the help he’s getting at the refuge, he just keeps getting sicker instead of better, further and further from being able to make it on his own. When he’s offered the opportunity to sign up with a mate-matching agency, he figures he has nothing to lose. No alpha is ever going to want an omega like him.

When Beau sees Roland’s profile, he knows at once what’s making the omega sick, and he’s determined to help. If he can persuade Roland to marry him, he can save Roland’s life while Roland helps him get through his residency. But will their hasty partnership be enough to bring them both through what’s ahead–and can temporary necessity lead to a forever love?


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Omega’s Future (Mated to the Alpha #8) – Wolf Specter & Rosa Swann


“That first night made me fall in love with you like nothing ever had before.”


In a word: Read the thing. We’ve made it to the end of Mated to the Alpha with a fluffy little epilogue to tie everything up. It starts out a week after Levi’s birth with Ethan and Max bringing their baby boy home and dealing with the media. Then it jumps to three years later with a look at how everyone is continuing to be happy and in love. I was perfectly happy with this ending. I’m actually a bit sad that the story is over, but I think it ended in a good place. Ethan and Max are deeply in love and they seem to be doing well within their pack and the world at large. Toddler Levi is adorable and I wish we’d gotten to see more of that. There was a lot more dealings with Ethan’s family than I was expecting, but we got good closure with that so I can’t complain much. After having read the entire series I can say that, while some parts were a bit boring and the overall writing could’ve been better, I ultimately enjoyed the read. Max and Ethan are a great couple and their love was sweet even if their situation was a bit of a mess at times. I think I would’ve liked the series better if it had been written as one long novel, it might have flowed better that way. Omega’s Future was a good epilogue to the story and I’m really sad to see it end.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) Ethan is finally allowed to leave the hospital, a week after Levi is born. Though it’s not as easy as just stepping outside, it seems. The media have surrounded the hotel to see the new fathers.

Jump to three years into the future and meet toddler Levi and Ethan and Max who are getting ready to add even more people to the family.

Omega’s Future is the eighth and last story in the Mated to the Alpha series. This series contains an innocent human, a sexy alpha, naughty scenes and Mpreg (male pregnancy).


[available for purchase at and Barnes & Noble; also available as part of the full Mated to the Alpha collection x x x x]



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Omega’s Baby (Mated to the Alpha #7) – Wolf Specter & Rosa Swann


“It’s only a soft sound at first, but then raises in volume. A baby’s first cry.”


In a word: Read the thing. Cute is a very good word to describe Part 7 of Mated to the Alpha. At long last it’s October and time for Ethan’s pregnancy to be over. We’ve skipped straight from the wedding in Part 6 to the day of the birth of Max and Ethan’s child. There has apparently been a few things happening since the wedding, mostly concerning Ethan’s family. He’s been getting to know his father and aunt better, and his cousin Elias (Evie’s son with her Alpha mate) now works for Max and seems to live with Max and Ethan. Max and Ethan are still in love with each other and are excited for their baby to be born. The whole focus of this part was the birth of the baby (which is not told in any sort of graphic detail, and probably not totally accurate) and his first day of life. Max and Ethan are both enamoured with their new son, and reading about them with him is very cute indeed. The writing still isn’t the greatest, which dampened my enthusiasm a bit, but the emotions were all there. So now Max and Ethan’s family is finally complete, and it’s adorable. Total no-angst new family fluff and I am all here for it.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) It’s the end of the summer, October has just started and Ethan is trying to make light of his heavy situation.

When he wakes up Max in the middle of the night… They will have to face their most stressful night of their lives.
But in the end, it is all worth it when they hold their beautiful baby.

Omega’s Baby is the seventh story in the Mated to the Alpha series. This series contains an innocent human, a sexy alpha, naughty scenes and Mpreg (male pregnancy).


[available for purchase at and Barnes & Noble; also available as part of the full Mated to the Alpha collection x x x x]



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Omega’s Wedding (Mated to the Alpha #6) – Wolf Specter & Rosa Swann


“Just a few hours and everything will be different, at least on paper. I’ll be the new official Alpha of the Powell pack, the eighth one in line, all first-born, and I’ll be Ethan’s husband, the first and only one.”


In a word: Read the thing. As the title probably makes obvious, we’ve finally reached Max and Ethan’s wedding. It’s been about a month since Part 5 and Max and Ethan have apparently been in hiding from the media the whole time. I hope their time away was somewhat relaxing because the stress seems to start as soon as they return as the media are camped out at the airport when they land. We do get a bit more insight as to why Max is so popular with the media, but the behaviour of the media here is despicable. But I tend to hate pushy reporters anyway, so me not liking them here was practically a given. Max has a surprise for Ethan when they get back and everything about it was the best part of this installment for me. I was honestly expecting Ethan’s mother, but luckily she doesn’t show up at all. Dodged that bullet. Ethan’s friend Tim doesn’t show up either, which I thought was weird. Alexia does, though, which I found annoying. The wedding/passing-of-the-Alpha-torch ceremony was kinda boring, I don’t think the writing was good enough to make it interesting. This part had some really good emotional moments and I really like how in love Ethan and Max are with each other. There wasn’t any sort of relationship conflict at any point here, which makes me a bit apprehensive for the next part, but I’m also looking forward to what’s coming next. So glad the fuss about the wedding is over though.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) It’s almost the big day, Ethan and Max are getting married. But it wouldn’t be them if they didn’t have quite a couple of hurdles to jump through before they reach the special “I do” moment.

Because before they start, Max has a very special gift for Ethan. Something that will change their lives forever.

And maybe, just maybe, it will heal Ethan too, let him come to terms with his own past.

Omega’s Wedding is the sixth story in the Mated to the Alpha series. This series contains an innocent human, a sexy alpha, naughty scenes and Mpreg (male pregnancy).


[available for purchase at and Barnes & Noble; also available as part of the full Mated to the Alpha collection x x x x]



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