Silent Strength (Strength #1) – M.A. Innes


“I want there to be no doubt I’m sincere and it isn’t something I saw online last week and decided to play with.”


In a word: Read the thing. I loved this! I read this after reading Secrets in the Dark by the same author and I have to say that I liked this one so much better. Eric has wanted a Daddy since he was a teenager, but a traumatic experience in high school has made him wary of his desires and of sharing them with others. It’s on a disastrous date, and first visit to a BDSM club, that Eric meets the man that will forever change his life. Marcus is a Daddy Dom and he’s looking for a special little boy to share his life and home with. Their first meeting is a bit awkward, but they both decide to take a chance on each other and it turns into something beautiful. Probably my favourite aspect of this book is the loving relationship between Eric and Marcus. They’re both pretty different, considering their ages and their levels of confidence with their wants and needs, but they still fit together perfectly. Past experience has left Eric shy and skittish and he needs someone like Marcus, who is more confident and sure of things, to show him how to live authentically. The whole book is basically about Eric and Marcus falling in love while exploring their age play dynamic. Age play for these two means that Eric gets to be Marcus’ little boy and be taken care of. There’s a mild sexual component to it, although their sex life is mostly separate, but for the most part it’s Marcus looking after Eric’s needs and helping him be comfortable with the things that make him feel good. Seriously, there is so much caring in this story. Marcus was so loving and tender with Eric, and Eric just soaked everything up (when he was able to get over his fear and embarrassment enough to relax). There’s no major plot happening, though it’s not exactly a slow-burn, so the story just kind of slowly goes along with Marcus and Eric growing closer and falling in love with each other. It’s pretty great, and I’m excited for the second part.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) M/M Age Play Romance 

Eric knows what he needs…he just doesn’t think anyone else will want it too.

He’s finally reached his breaking point. There’s only so many times he can put himself out there and get shot down. After a disastrous first date at a BDSM club, Eric is ready to walk away and push his desires to the furthest reaches of his mind—but then up walks Marcus. But just because the sexy older man is looking for a submissive doesn’t mean he’s looking to be someone’s daddy.

Marcus knows what he wants, and he’s spent months getting everything perfect for his boy…now he just needs to find him.

When Marcus sees Eric at Bound & Controlled, he’s immediately drawn to the sweet submissive who’s desperately trying to hide his devastation. Marcus steps in when he sees the sub’s evening going wrong, but he’s not sure what the shy submissive is looking for. Just because he wants the boy to need a daddy doesn’t mean he’s going to get what he hopes for.

As they discover their mutual desires, Marcus is sure that Eric has the strength to go after what he yearns for; he just needs his daddy’s help and love to see it.

67k+ words
Story Contains: M/m Sexual Content, mild BDSM, Age Play, Mild ABDL

*Authors Note* This is not a standalone book. This is book one of a two-part series. The first part of their story ends in a HFN because there was too much to their story to put in one book. Their journey will continue in Quiet Strength, which will be released in January 2018.


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Omega’s Future (Mated to the Alpha #8) – Wolf Specter & Rosa Swann


“That first night made me fall in love with you like nothing ever had before.”


In a word: Read the thing. We’ve made it to the end of Mated to the Alpha with a fluffy little epilogue to tie everything up. It starts out a week after Levi’s birth with Ethan and Max bringing their baby boy home and dealing with the media. Then it jumps to three years later with a look at how everyone is continuing to be happy and in love. I was perfectly happy with this ending. I’m actually a bit sad that the story is over, but I think it ended in a good place. Ethan and Max are deeply in love and they seem to be doing well within their pack and the world at large. Toddler Levi is adorable and I wish we’d gotten to see more of that. There was a lot more dealings with Ethan’s family than I was expecting, but we got good closure with that so I can’t complain much. After having read the entire series I can say that, while some parts were a bit boring and the overall writing could’ve been better, I ultimately enjoyed the read. Max and Ethan are a great couple and their love was sweet even if their situation was a bit of a mess at times. I think I would’ve liked the series better if it had been written as one long novel, it might have flowed better that way. Omega’s Future was a good epilogue to the story and I’m really sad to see it end.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) Ethan is finally allowed to leave the hospital, a week after Levi is born. Though it’s not as easy as just stepping outside, it seems. The media have surrounded the hotel to see the new fathers.

Jump to three years into the future and meet toddler Levi and Ethan and Max who are getting ready to add even more people to the family.

Omega’s Future is the eighth and last story in the Mated to the Alpha series. This series contains an innocent human, a sexy alpha, naughty scenes and Mpreg (male pregnancy).


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Omega’s Baby (Mated to the Alpha #7) – Wolf Specter & Rosa Swann


“It’s only a soft sound at first, but then raises in volume. A baby’s first cry.”


In a word: Read the thing. Cute is a very good word to describe Part 7 of Mated to the Alpha. At long last it’s October and time for Ethan’s pregnancy to be over. We’ve skipped straight from the wedding in Part 6 to the day of the birth of Max and Ethan’s child. There has apparently been a few things happening since the wedding, mostly concerning Ethan’s family. He’s been getting to know his father and aunt better, and his cousin Elias (Evie’s son with her Alpha mate) now works for Max and seems to live with Max and Ethan. Max and Ethan are still in love with each other and are excited for their baby to be born. The whole focus of this part was the birth of the baby (which is not told in any sort of graphic detail, and probably not totally accurate) and his first day of life. Max and Ethan are both enamoured with their new son, and reading about them with him is very cute indeed. The writing still isn’t the greatest, which dampened my enthusiasm a bit, but the emotions were all there. So now Max and Ethan’s family is finally complete, and it’s adorable. Total no-angst new family fluff and I am all here for it.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) It’s the end of the summer, October has just started and Ethan is trying to make light of his heavy situation.

When he wakes up Max in the middle of the night… They will have to face their most stressful night of their lives.
But in the end, it is all worth it when they hold their beautiful baby.

Omega’s Baby is the seventh story in the Mated to the Alpha series. This series contains an innocent human, a sexy alpha, naughty scenes and Mpreg (male pregnancy).


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Omega’s Wedding (Mated to the Alpha #6) – Wolf Specter & Rosa Swann


“Just a few hours and everything will be different, at least on paper. I’ll be the new official Alpha of the Powell pack, the eighth one in line, all first-born, and I’ll be Ethan’s husband, the first and only one.”


In a word: Read the thing. As the title probably makes obvious, we’ve finally reached Max and Ethan’s wedding. It’s been about a month since Part 5 and Max and Ethan have apparently been in hiding from the media the whole time. I hope their time away was somewhat relaxing because the stress seems to start as soon as they return as the media are camped out at the airport when they land. We do get a bit more insight as to why Max is so popular with the media, but the behaviour of the media here is despicable. But I tend to hate pushy reporters anyway, so me not liking them here was practically a given. Max has a surprise for Ethan when they get back and everything about it was the best part of this installment for me. I was honestly expecting Ethan’s mother, but luckily she doesn’t show up at all. Dodged that bullet. Ethan’s friend Tim doesn’t show up either, which I thought was weird. Alexia does, though, which I found annoying. The wedding/passing-of-the-Alpha-torch ceremony was kinda boring, I don’t think the writing was good enough to make it interesting. This part had some really good emotional moments and I really like how in love Ethan and Max are with each other. There wasn’t any sort of relationship conflict at any point here, which makes me a bit apprehensive for the next part, but I’m also looking forward to what’s coming next. So glad the fuss about the wedding is over though.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) It’s almost the big day, Ethan and Max are getting married. But it wouldn’t be them if they didn’t have quite a couple of hurdles to jump through before they reach the special “I do” moment.

Because before they start, Max has a very special gift for Ethan. Something that will change their lives forever.

And maybe, just maybe, it will heal Ethan too, let him come to terms with his own past.

Omega’s Wedding is the sixth story in the Mated to the Alpha series. This series contains an innocent human, a sexy alpha, naughty scenes and Mpreg (male pregnancy).


[available for purchase at and Barnes & Noble; also available as part of the full Mated to the Alpha collection x x x x]



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Omega’s Love (Mated to the Alpha #5) – Wolf Specter & Rosa Swann


“It feels so big inside, the happiness, the feeling of pride, that I’m afraid that if I let it go I won’t stop smiling until my face is all sore.”


In a word: Read the thing. This part felt very short, a lot shorter than the other parts. Which was weird because I actually found that this part was the most boring so far. There’s a major time jump here, it’s now nine weeks after Part 4 and Ethan and Max are on their way to the hospital for their first sonogram. I really liked this part because it was all about Max and Ethan and their love for each other and their growing family. This is also the part where Ethan finally tells Max that he loves him for the first time. I say finally because in-universe it’s taken nearly ten weeks to get to this point, but the way it’s written makes it feel like almost no time has passed since the last part so it’s not exactly ‘finally’ for the readers. Whatever, it was still cute. Immediately after that adorableness things get annoying again when Alexia forces her way back into the story by insisting that she, Ethan, and Max go to the baby stores in the mall. Alexia and Ethan have apparently become close friends during the time skip, but we don’t get much on that so it doesn’t feel natural. Also she still annoys me. This part ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, which makes me glad that I’m reading this all at once instead of having to wait weeks between each release. The cliffhanger in this is that the media is back to being an intrusive presence in Ethan and Max’s relationship. I do wish we’d get a proper explanation as to why Max is so important that the news media is interested in his every major life event. Maybe it has to do with him being an Alpha werewolf? But it’s never made clear one way or the other just why everyone wants up in his business all the time.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) It’s ten weeks since Ethan and Max met for the first time, ten weeks since Ethan got pregnant and it’s time for their first sonogram, their first sight of the baby.
This brings up feelings in Ethan he can no longer keep to himself and he finally whispers words to Max that the man has been waiting to hear for weeks.

But while they’re in their own little bubble, the outside world is about to crash into theirs. Leaving them reconsidering their priorities.

Omega’s Love is the fifth story in the Mated to the Alpha series. This series contains an innocent human, a sexy alpha, naughty scenes and Mpreg (male pregnancy).


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Omega’s Bond (Mated to the Alpha #4) – Wolf Specter & Rosa Swann


“This connection between us two, this bond, it gets stronger and stronger.”


In a word: Read the thing. The only reason I didn’t put this as a ‘maybe’ is because this isn’t really a part people can skip if they want to continue reading the series. Although maybe it is, who knows, though I do think some significant background information comes out here. This is, in my opinion, the worst part of the Mated to the Alpha serial so far. For a number of reasons, though most of it can be put down to inconsistencies. I will say that there were also some things that redeemed this part somewhat. Ethan and Max have known each other for about a week now, meaning this takes place a few days after Part 3. This part already starts off on a sour note with Ethan pissy at Max for a poorly though-out doctor’s visit. It goes a bit downhill from there for a bit. Alexia is back, unfourtunately. I liked her when she was first introduced in Part 1, but she’s since fallen out of favour with me. She was especially aggravating in this part. I dread her next appearance. There was also a bit of a mess in the interactions between Max and Ethan. Mostly as the result of some misunderstanding it seems that Ethan is really not as okay with his new life as Max thought he was. I have to admit that it came as a surprise to me too because Ethan’s chapters (which are first-person POV, as are Max’s) never really made that clear. It is clear that Max has maybe been trying to control too many things, but to his credit he does rein that in a lot. I think the worst he’s done so far to control Ethan is to keep him in his house, which I saw as less about trying to control Ethan and more as trying to keep him away from the media vultures. But, whatever, they do eventually sort all that out and Max vows to do better (and from what we’ve seen of Max so far we know he’ll definitely try). There is even an ‘I love you’ from Max, which I think is moving way too fast (so much for natural progression). Though that does come up from a weird scene where Ethan seems to have some sort of psychological break or PTSD flashback or something. Apparently there’s been a reason we haven’t seen his mother so far in the series, though none of what we learn here has ever been alluded to before. We’ll see what comes of that. Another thing that got more focus in this part is the mating ceremony, which I am not really looking forward to. Hopefully Part 5 is better.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) Ethan and Max are settling into a pattern. It’s been a week since they met for the first time, and things seem to be going well… but are they really?

When Alexia comes over to discuss the mating ceremony she throws their whole dynamic off and uncovers that maybe the two men are not as settled as they think.
When Ethan gets a call from his mother, old wounds are reopened and the two men need to learn to trust each other quickly before everything goes wrong.

Then Max speaks the three words that Ethan fears the most…

Omega’s Bond is the fourth story in the Mated to the Alpha series. This series contains an innocent human, a sexy alpha, naughty scenes and Mpreg (male pregnancy).


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Omega’s Pack (Mated to the Alpha #3) – Wolf Specter & Rosa Swann


“Aren’t you supposed to… you know… fall in love first, or something?”


In a word: Read the thing. I read this as part of the full collection and I think that was published after more editing because I didn’t have the writing issues I had in Parts 1 and 2. Though the writing here is still a bit clunky, sort of like English may not be the authors’ first language? Part 3 opens about two days after where Part 2 left off. I definitely liked this part a lot more because it focused more on Ethan and Max’s relationship instead of running around and shenanigans (though there was some of that here too, I suppose). It’s apparently become a given that Ethan’s old life is effectively over. He’s mated to Max and living in his house and is becoming part of his world. Max introduces Ethan to the pack (we actually get to see some full-shift werewolves, but that’s only a short scene) and then, because Max is basically a local celebrity, there’s a press conference to announce Ethan and Max’s mating to the public. While all that is going on, what I really enjoyed was Ethan and Max trying to fit their lives together. Even though they’re both mate-bonded and having a baby, they’re still both effectively strangers. The fact that this book doesn’t have them immediately falling deeply in love with each other (there’s definitely an attraction and a bond, but it’s not romantic love) is one of its best aspects. Ethan and Max are definitely drawn to each other, and so far they’re getting along well, so I absolutely believe that they will eventually come to love each other as they get to know each other better. Another thing I appreciate is that Ethan wants his own life within the relationship (like normal people would, friends and a job and whatnot) and is taking steps to ensure that he gets one (within the restraints that his current situation has placed on him), and that Max isn’t going against this. That seems like a pretty low bar to set, but I’ve seen the opposite happen in other stories. I really hope that this focus on Ethan and Max’s relationship development continues, because that’s becoming my favourite part of the series.


The Summary: (from Goodreads) Two days pregnant, two days of running to the bathroom as soon as he opens his eyes, Ethan’s life has not gotten any easier.

Ethan, newly pregnant and male, doesn’t know what he has gotten himself into. Between meeting the pack, running into his family-in-law and preparing for his first press conference, life has gotten a little hectic. Luckily his Alpha mate, Max, is there for him, to get him in and out of trouble.

Max, richest, openly gay, no-longer-bachelor Alpha in the city, has to fight his own feelings between wanting to keep Ethan close and knowing that he has to let the man explore their new relationship in his own time.

When the two men finally find some peace and quiet together, they learn some very intimate things about each other.

Omega’s Pack is the third story in the Mated to the Alpha series. This series contains an innocent human, a sexy alpha, naughty scenes and Mpreg (male pregnancy).


[available for purchase at and Barnes & Noble; also available as part of the full Mated to the Alpha collection x x x x]



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