Monthly Round-Up: June – July – August, 2016

A monthly summary of the books I’ve written about in the blog.

I’m gonna start doing this every month, this should be the only one with more than one month’s worth of posts.


Read the Thing (3):

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Read the Thing (3):

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Maybe Read the Thing (1):


Get Your Shine On – Nick Wilgus


“I want him to know he’s loved, and will always have me and his Uncle Sam there to take care of him.”


In a word: Maybe read the thing? I don’t know. I have very mixed feelings about this book. A lot of it is slice-of-life stuff in a small Mississippi town as seen through the eyes of our main character/narrator, Henry Hood. Adding to that, though, is the undercurrent of a somewhat deeper and darker plot involving Henry’s nephew and custody and family secrets. It sounds fine on paper, but in execution there’s a lot of homophobia and racism (from the characters, not the author), which is fine as it makes for a varied cast of characters and interesting dialogue, but it’s not something that I enjoy reading personally. Some parts of this book made me unbelievably angry, some parts made me uncomfortable, some parts made me laugh, and some parts made me go ‘aww’; it was a very emotional read. Most of the problems I had with this book were personal ones, there’s nothing really wrong with the book itself. The characters are interesting, the plot sometimes drags, but ultimately everything flows well. Try it out if you want, but if you don’t like reading things that are going to make you angry and upset you’re probably better off skipping it.

[available for purchase at Book Depository, Chapters,, and Dreamspinner Press]



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