Monthly Round-Up: October 2016

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The Good Boy (The Boy #1) – Lisa Henry & J.A. Rock


“Yeah. I plan to wake up one day to find out my mother has been arrested, my father has left the country, their bank accounts are frozen, and the feds are kicking me out of my house.”


In a word: Read the thing. Though a lot of it is pretty dark, so watch out with that. After I read Adulting 101 I decided that I was probably gonna end up reading all of Lisa Henry’s books, The Good Boy ended up being the one I decided on getting next. The Good Boy (co-written with J. A. Rock) is completely different from Adulting 101, like, total opposite. Here be angst. Lane is the first character we’re introduced to and he is just pitiful. He’s just lost just about everything and is about to lose his final lifeline. Not even the introduction of Derek, the second main character and love interest, makes anything better. In fact, Derek hates Lane at first. Aside from some humorous bits in Derek’s sections, the beginning of the story is pretty bleak. Even when it starts to get a bit lighter, there’s still a sinister undercurrent under everything. Lane’s been deeply affected by what he’s gone through, and that doesn’t go away overnight, even with love and affection. A lot of this story is pretty heavy, with a lot of angst and hurt/comfort, so if that’s your thing (it certainly is mine), than you’ll enjoy this one. I loved Lane and Derek’s relationship (both the romantic/sexual/BDSM aspect and the hurt/comfort aspect), I loved that there was no ‘third act breakup’, the side characters were entertaining and frustrating in turn and only added to the story (Mr. Zimmerman is my favourite), and I was totally engrossed in the events unfolding. I have pretty much no complaints about this book and if dark stories with happy endings are your thing I would definitely have to recommend this one. (Also there is a sequel that continues Lane and Derek’s story and I have a mighty need.)


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