Monthly Round-Up: June – July – August, 2016

A monthly summary of the books I’ve written about in the blog.

I’m gonna start doing this every month, this should be the only one with more than one month’s worth of posts.


Read the Thing (3):

Maybe Read the Thing (2):



Read the Thing (3):

Don’t Read the Thing (1):



Read the Thing (4):

Maybe Read the Thing (1):

Violated – Jamie Fessenden


“Except the person in the mirror didn’t feel like him anymore. It wasn’t him. It couldn’t be.”


In a word: Read the thing. Definitely read the thing. If you enjoy hurt/comfort stories (like I do) this is something you might enjoy. Of course, this is a book that deals with rape, so some of it is pretty dark. It’s got engaging characters, a nice pace, angst, some humour, and has a fairly realistic depiction (or so I’ve been told) of a rape and what comes after. All in all, it’s a very emotional read. Also there’s dogs.

[available for purchase at Book Depository, Dreamspinner Press,, and Chapters]



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